Your not Done

May 23, 2012
By KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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When you've been broken your not done

Even if your feet feel like they weigh a ton

Your not through when you've been brought to the ground

Your not done when you hear the alarm sound

You not done when you've been broken, beaten and pushed past the limit

Your not done until you decide to quit it

Your not done when you think your life is over

Your not done when you have to fight to stay sober

Your not lost when you lose

Your not finished when you bruise

We have all hit new lows

We have all lost to our foes

We've all been pushed the point of breaking

We have all pretended to be happy when we are faking

Keep fighting

Keep pushing

It's ok to cry

Keep believing

Keep hoping

As long as you can say you tried

Be tough as nails

Even when progress is as slow as snails

Don't be done before you begin

Because deep down you know you can win

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