Elegy for Anne Frank

May 24, 2012
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Once you had written about
how you felt like a caged bird,
with her wings broken;
flinging yourself against the bars.
You never guessed your end
or how soon it came.
Before you had even begun to live.
But even the world filled with evil
and hate, you clung to this ribbon of hope.
This ribbon that kept you sane in your Annex.
When the Nazi's came through your door,
and flung you into a whirlwind
of chaos, you still believed that people
were really good at heart.
And even though the dust gathers
on your beloved Kitty,
your laugh still rings forevermore in its pages.
Though it is faint and distant,
your voice is still there, waiting to be heard.
Every day and night,
I am listening.

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