I'm Sorry

May 24, 2012
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When I walk through my dear home,
I find myself apologizing for the way I treat it.

“I’m sorry my sweet bed,
For crying tears night after night onto your soft sheets,
Always talking about my problems,
As if you do not have problems of your own.”

“I’m sorry shoes’,
For throwing you around with no regards,
You go places you are unsure of,
Without say or input,
I do not mean to treat so unkindly, you have feelings also.”

Lastly, I find myself apologizing to my loved ones.

“I’m sorry mom, dad, friends, family,
I might not always act appreciative on the outside,
But the inside treasures each moment with you,
All that you do for me, I do not take for granted.”

I need to stop apologizing for the mistakes I make,
And change the way I act and respond to many situations.

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