The Concrete Angel

May 24, 2012
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The touch of my hand reveals raised scars of regret
Fastened eyes can only view who I am now
My muscle carved stature remains no longer
for if you look at my tattered face
Deep within conceals the story of a miracle

July of '89 burns a scar in my memory
It should have been erased
With the alcohol and drugs
A whirlwind effect
"Driving and alcohol are never to be used in the same sentence"
That fourth night, the advice I had not taken

Life flashing before my eyes
Shannon dead, me on death's row
Jim breaking through the secluded caution tape
Unzipped body bag, the fear of a lost brother
A lost friend

"He is not going to make it" the Doctor's words tumbled from his lips
Like my crumbling family, a house in a sadistic storm
Slowly falling apart second by second, minute by minute
The battle scars of surgery rebuilding a life
"your son will pull through"

The memories continue to haunt me
The scars reveal a story of regret
The subtle laughs from those strangers who view me
Tears fill my eyes as their snickers echo in my soul
My decision-creating my tangled physique

Guiding my nieces and nephews through life
"Always wear your seat belt" is my mantra
Insecurely regretting my decision
I realize now I am a walking miracle
My story sinks into their lives

Seven o'clock each day is "choir practice"
Leading those relating to my story in the right direction
Overcoming fears, tribulations, humiliations
We are all affected by the same evil
that tried, but did not destroyed

Perched at the head of the dinner table
I view my family in slow motion as we converse
This could have been a dream
For if the tribulation had decided to remove me from Earth
"Gotta have fruit" would not be the dinner conclusion

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