May 28, 2012
By malaya BRONZE, San Francisco, California
malaya BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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You had a dream that I had a dream
That we were birthed into a white white world
One burned clean by fire and spies
You whistled and sang (and went blind and old)
I danced and ran (into deafness and fear)
We asked and asked, who was happier, then?

We called for a paradigm - pair of dimes - shift
We shook and we shuffled for God and desire
Forgetting to remember what we wished to forget
A symphony of legs screamed we were wrong
But just a moment ago we were dying

We’re twisted people, you and me
Saying twisted things in twisted ways
Standing in twisted positions with our
Hearts on our sleeves and our shirts inside out
A clock ticks in a fishbowl
And I can’t remember the last time I ate

We sold all our answers for a per-?-d?m shift
Found some new ones in a pair of indigo eyes
We were chased out of Eden by man-eating doves
Into an empty Vegas chapel in the night

Lick the stars from the sky and tell me how it tastes
Show me the burns, ask me the question
Maybe someday I’ll forget to tell lies
They’ve started the autopsy, scalpels in hand
I wish they’d realized I'm alive

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