Dear Dad

May 28, 2012
Dear Dad,
I’d like to think that you’ll keep that promise you made a week ago
You know, that one saying that you’ll actually come to see me in the school musical.
It’s not like I have my hopes up that you’ll be there or anything
Because you haven’t really been around this month…
Or year,
Not even there for me—your daughter.
No, really,
I’ll be understanding when you call at around four this afternoon
When you call to say that you have some paperwork to finish up before you leave the office.
I’ll respond that it’s just another school musical where I’m soloing.
It doesn’t matter to me that you won’t see my talent.
I’ll understand that for adults, there’s always work to be done,
I’ll try to pretend that your paperwork is filled out rather than your wine glass filled up.
“Social drinking” you call it.
If it’s so normal, then why do you hide it from mom?
Speaking of mom,
She told me not to trust you.
She said that she did and to look at where she ended up.
And bitter.
I’d like very much to think that what she said wasn’t true
But every time I see you—or rather, don’t see you—
You prove me wrong…
And again.
So, I’m not really expecting for you to come tonight,
But I do wish you’d prove me wrong
Just one more time.

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