Sunshine State of Mind

May 28, 2012
By KirstenOrtez SILVER, Reno, Nevada
KirstenOrtez SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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They didn't say it would be easy. Hell, they didn't even say it would be fun. They only said that it would be worth it.

Oh hello summertime
How I’ve missed you so
Now that school’s out
I’ve got places to go
I’ve missed eating watermelon
And tanning in my backyard
I can finally relax
And stop trying so hard
I’ve only played golf once so far
And the tan lines are already here
But the truth of it is
I’ve missed them all year
I’ll probably fall asleep in the grass
While enjoying the sun
And wake up a little bit sunburnt
But isn’t that half the fun?
I want to walk on the sand
And enjoy the sweet summer bliss
Watch the fireworks in California
There isn’t a thing I will miss
I’ll collect shells at Del Mar
Have a water balloon fight
Shop in San Francisco with my mom
Look for shooting stars all night
I want to swing at a park
And be kissed in the rain
If there’s one thing I can promise
It’s that this summer won’t be the same
Maybe it won’t be perfect
But I’ll certainly try
Because you can’t bring me down
From my sunshine state of mind

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