"I Love You, Too"

May 28, 2012
By xxthotspurfan3xx BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
xxthotspurfan3xx BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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These thoughts of you will not leave my head,
A guest who long ago overstayed his welcome.
The cold embrace of the night, the touch of that
Cool, sluggish wind, it eddies in my mind and
Transports me back to the days when I would stand
Outside, under the night sky, knowing that
You loved me
And knowing that the two of us were looking up
Into the same night sky, together.
You don’t love me
The way you did before, snatching a piece of
Me before whisking off into the cool night air.
Keep it. Please. Maybe you’ll remember me by
Hanging onto that lukewarm fragment of me.
And that missing piece reminds me that, at some time,
You loved me, too,
And it reminds me that, at some time,
I loved you
Enough to give you a piece of me.
When was that? It seems so long ago, a distant
Memory; grainy, faded, but a taste of joy still left
On its bitter surface, tempting me to taste those
Bittersweet memories again, tempting me that
That tiny taste of bliss will outweigh the tears
That will dazedly cascade to the ground,
Falling diamonds shattering into a million pieces
On the dew-speckled ground, yet another
Testament to how much
I love you.
Now I can hardly bring myself to gaze
Into that velvet night sky, pock-marked by the stars
We used to watch together, back when I used to say,
“I love you”
And you would reply,
“I love you, too.”

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