The Lion

May 28, 2012
By Pickle23 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
Pickle23 SILVER, Springboro, Ohio
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Restlessness stirs inside of me
Like a lion eyeing its prey
I pray a silent plea
To keep my ambitions at bay
For I am fighting a losing battle
In my desire for achievement and success
But now my mind speaks in a mindless prattle
For I am a lost soul
Deserted by the people I hold most dear
My presence has an aura of stress
And as anyone can’t hear
The beat of my heart
For in place of my chest is a hole
That leaves my emotions to part
In this losing battle
The world becomes a picture
A place of a thousand words
But nothing more
So silent are the cries of the birds
So small are the remains of wars
That I have lived and fought through
And I kept on attacking
Even when they brought me down
Yet I have locked all the doors to my future
And I have misplaced the key of opportunity
In the land of sorrows
Where I fight for myself
Yet when I fight I close my eyes
And I am blind to the people in front of me.
And all my mistakes blew
My future away
And I began to succumb to the soothing lullaby
Of the laziness of life
And I end up at this losing battle
Because it is my last chance at life
Yet I close my eyes
Because in this battle
You can’t get out without the wounds that last a lifetime
Yet this war is a series of battles
Over everything I stand for
And in my effort to attain my goals
I lose track of every battle
Like I lost track of a part of myself
And I can’t gain it back without
Reliving the past memories
The past scars
The past wounds
And I pray a silent plea
To the ones around me
To keep them safe from the destruction of life
That I caused
My desire to conquer those lands I wanted
Those sad ambitions I longed for
Turned my mind against me
Against the world
Against everything
And now I hold the weapons
The weapons of a fallen spirit
And in these shaking hands
I can do nothing to stop my anger
My frustrations at myself
From painting red on the morning grass
And yet I fall deeper on every failure
My impatience for another chance
Leaves me to be occupied
Until there are no more things to do
And no more countries to invade
And I pray a silent plea
To open my senses
For when I hear
I speak
And when I see
I live
And when the world opens up
I experience
I understand
The emotions fly by
And I when I was that lion
Who had no goal in life
I lost touch
With myself
With the people around me
And I lost myself in trying the achieve what I wanted
What I tried for
What I lost for
But in the end
It comes down to that one decision
Whether or not to kill and eat that prey
That nation
That life form
Or just let it live
That goal
That country
And that Lion has just mere seconds to decide
Whether or not to take the chance
3, 2, 1
The battle cries surround the meadow
The cannon shots echo around the field
And I pray a silent plea
To open my eyes
And embrace the people around me
Because this Lion is not going to lose this war

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