"Life is a Gift"

May 28, 2012
By asoto98 BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
asoto98 BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
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“Seeing the Hope”

What are colors?
What is red? Or blue?
Can you feel them?
I’ve never seen “green” in my life
And yes, it’s sad not knowing what those are.

And water
I can touch it, but not see it
Night, and day, what are those?
People tell me there’s a sun,
a moon, grass, and other people like me.
But unfortunately I can’t see them.
that’s all I see.
I try and try to see
but, there’s always dark, and never light.
My therapist tells me, go to beyond my imagination,
to visualize the objects around me, to use my stick to “walk”
But I always fall
Desperately, I feel lost.
My therapist teaches me textures,
and tells me to smile, always smile, even when is hard
She helps me walk, and takes me to a park
I like going there a lot,
Free, I feel when I go there.
I can hear the bird’s singing
but I wish I could SEE them
There’s not a lot I can do
just accept my life the way it is.
And somehow, move on.

“Growing Young”

Years pass by, and when you realize you are old
your sight is not as well as it used to, your hearing is not improving
your hair, parched and gray as a sad foggy day
but your heart has not changed as much
it still belongs to the same,
to the poetry that takes you away,
away from this world, to the clouds, to the sky
My favorite place to write is the park, the Bright Gardens Park
I go, sit in that woody old bench aside of a statue of George Washington in his horse,
that has been there since I can remember, I just sit and write.
It is a beautiful park, which inspires me
I listen to the bird's singing, to the wind rushing the tree's leaves
I observe the forest,
I watch people walk, run, children play,
There’s one little girl, who is my friend
She’s always there, and waves her hand back
It’s curious all the things I see
A lot of dogs, not a lot of cats
Mothers with children, men heading to work
There’s also a girl who cannot see
She walks around, sits aside of the lake, it is sad;
that must be really tough, I wish she could see me and we’ll be friends
But when you are old like me
your life might come to an end soon
It don’t seems that hard
You just want to look back
remember all what you did, shared;
and be proud.

“More than a daughter; a friend”

What a great gift, and experience.
I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity,
this gift of being a mom, well at least in nine months
I can feel how my belly increases its size
A new chapter of our lives is starting now
Relaxing helps a lot, it gives me inner peace
So every morning we go to a close park,
and walk around
We observe the beautiful landscape;
The trees, their fresh smell of ripe fruits ready to be eaten
The precious flowers, all of different colors,
the high white mountains that you can see in the horizon
The sun leaning out from behind them
I hope someday my baby could come to this park,
play around, and we'll both sit in the benches surrounding the statue of
the president in his horse.
and enjoy the sunrise.
We could walk around, and share smiles
I’ve never appreciate all these things, until now
I have a new view of life I’ve never had before
I can’t wait to hold my baby on my hands, to make her laugh
to play with her, and talk to her
We’ll be best friends.
Although she’s not here, she inside me, I can feel her
and there’s no more to say than; Thank you!!

The author's comments:
I needed to write a peom collection and I just thought of this idea and wrote it.

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