For You, I'm Sorry

May 28, 2012
By spiceXisXnice GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
spiceXisXnice GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I would like to say I’m sorry.
I feel like I’m a broken record sometimes
A scratch on my surface forever skipping
Over the words “I’m sorry.”
So I’m going to get it all out of the way now.
For you, I’m sorry for being mean.
I mean, I know you get that I’m joking,
But I worry.
For you, I’m sorry I didn’t kiss you when I should’ve,
And for you, I’m sorry I did kiss you
When I shouldn’t have.
For you, I’m sorry I was a little s*** most of the time
And I’m sorry for saying s*** just then.
For you, I’m sorry for comparing us and
Complaining when people compared us.
For you, I’m sorry for scaring you
When I would stay out too late, and when I would tell you
About my secret darkness, my pain and hurt.
You wanted to know, and I’m glad I told you,
And I’m sorry, too.
For you, I’m sorry for wanting you
Long past the point where it was still okay to want you.
For you, I’m sorry for leading you on.
You made me feel wanted, feel special, and
It wasn’t fair for either of us.
For you, I’m sorry I cried.
It was unconsciously manipulative,
Because I really wasn’t that upset.
And for you, I’m sorry we fell in love.
I bet you’re sorry, too.
I now absolve myself of these sins.
Let’s go commit some more.

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