The Things I've Lost

May 28, 2012
A bright pink MP3 player

Somewhere in my room

Or perhaps the cat ate it
A fifty-dollar bill

That fell out of my pocket at a Target

When I was thirteen
My heart

Many times over the past decade

It always came back
Two spoons, a knife, and two forks

Two months after I bought them

Lost forever in the vastness of my dorm room
Faith in myself

When I was eleven

And felt I had nothing left
A black wristband

In the recesses of my closet

Probably gathering dust or fully decomposed by now
The idea that my parents were gods

That I could only pray to be like

When I began to become one myself
A cheap cell phone

Probably still ringing sadly

In the back of a used bookstore
My faith in Jesus

I’m not sure when I lost that

Maybe when I first started questioning Him
My taste for bananas

Red wine, cigarettes, and cheese sticks

All for different reasons at different times
Two cats

Who died when I was seven and eleven

(Heart failure both times)
And one blue earring

Which fell down a vent

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