Before I Die

May 28, 2012
By Lindsgo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lindsgo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Before I die, I want to change someone’s life.
I want someone, anyone, to look back and think of that girl.
Whether they’re thoughts good or bad,
I don’t care.
I just want to be a memory.

Before I die, I want to figure out my hair.
I will find a product for frizz that actually works,
And give it to someone else
Because I’ll be perfectly comfortable with a messy bun
since that’s what my hair’s wanted for years.

Before I die, I’m going to go up to someone saying “YOLO” seriously
And throw an iPod at them
Because even though some songs are forever trapped in their era,
Good music lives forever.

Before I die, I’m going to do something really stupid.
Because when I’m old, wrinkly and sensible,
I know without a doubt
I’ll regret the things I didn’t do, rather than the things I did do.

Before I die, I’m going to get rid of people who don’t matter in my life
For someone who’s so against fake people,
Fake relationships are even worse.
Plus, I hate being a hypocrite.

Before I die, I’m going to volunteer for a really great charity in need.
I’m going to anonymously devote days, weeks, months, and years
Once more volunteers arrive, I’ll leave
Because it doesn’t matter who does the work, just as long as someone helps out.
So why not have it be me?

Before I die, I’m going to get enough sleep
Because this level of exhaustion can’t be good for anyone,
And I want to know what it feels like having energy again
After such a long school year.

Before I die, I want to stop making bucket lists
Because when you’re so focused on your death,
So focused on the end,
You forget to live.
And me? I’m going to have some fun with life.

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