May 23, 2012
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knowing that your heart is broken and hearing the cracking sound of the glass as it falls
as you stare out the window watching the one you love walk away
knowing that you might not see them ever again
you know that you cant cry because you have to be strong for every one else
knowing that when you lay your head on your pillow at night the tears will start the stream down your face
even though your sad you cant show it because everyone is counting on you to be the strong on in the situation
knowing that when it rains it ok to cry because the tears that fall from he hazel eyes running down her coconut colored face that every thing is ok
everyone says im proud of you and wow your taking this very well you know you just want to break down and cry
but knowing that everyone is counting on you, you make the best of things you gather your emotions and you put on a fake smile and you face the world alone once again .

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