Absence of the Mind

May 23, 2012
By Madeline Cooper BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
Madeline Cooper BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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Water is wet
Water is wet
Wet is water
Is what I’m trying to say here

When saying water is wet, one plays the part of the clown
In our modern world
Where absurdity and blatant comments
Are sources of hilarity

The tomato is on fire
What tomato?
There isn’t one

Saying wet is water is something else entirely
The speaker is the philosopher
So often ridiculed
So often labeled

The clown is the one with nothing to say
With everyone to listen
The philosopher is the one with everything to say
And will never be heard
Be heard

The author's comments:
This represents the attitude that many people demonstrate towards those who have something insightful to say. It seems that any time someone says something of meaning, they are classified as mentally disabled.

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