The Struggle

May 27, 2012
By peapod416 PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
peapod416 PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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"A smart girl know their limits, a wise girl knows she has none." Marilyn Monroe

Walking on the semi-glossy eggshell linoleum floor
Staring into the alternate universes your heart longs for
Porcelain mannequins glaring, staring, daring you to come into their traps of deception
Turning your heart’s dreams into a collage of wishes and hopes flashing before your eyes
Guiding you down a path of disappointment
The gold paved road leading to the ghost town of wants and aspirations.
They put you in a chokehold
I try to breathe in acceptance, pleasure and bliss
But only come up spitting out hatred, contempt and regret
They taunt you; watching you through their insecurity cameras
“You can’t pull this off.”
“You’ll never fit into this.”
“Don’t even bother trying that on”.
Put the dress back on the rack
The shirt back on the hanger
Hanging your head in defeat
Settling for the large when the medium fails to do its job
The frustrations, the tears
Some girls got it easy
But I’m not one of them

The author's comments:
The struggle with my weight

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