Cursed Love

May 27, 2012
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I first shall say, that love is just like any other curse.
There he is, into the illusion of love…Oh Love!
Expecting something that will never happen.
Trying to grow roots where the earth is pure stone,
He never believed in God and now he does…Oh Love!

Forced to just wish and look into the eyes of his love,
This love that has been cut by the thoughts of superior laws.
Why are those Laws this way, Why they won’t let us be?...Oh Love!
He told me that she loves him, But I know she doesn’t.

Expecting something that will never happen.
Just about to give up on God then he asks again,
Why! Why me? How Am I deserving this God?
I don’t know if these binding laws are killing or saving me!

Willingly to sin for her I am, oh these laws can only see
what they wish to see of me, However she will follow them
because of what they are to her.. oh love!
Still this Laws can’t understand how I truly love her.
God, is this curse going to destroy me or to create me?
OH Love!

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