Old man eats books and remembers every word

May 25, 2012
By MariaGaytan BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
MariaGaytan BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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So much knowledge
So much words
This old man eats every book.
It’s a miracle he’s still alive
With so much paper I would die

He doesn’t need the time to read
All he needs is to eat, eat, eat.

Every simile, metaphor, and magic 3
Its so much more than what he needs.

He was all over the news showing of his talent
He was just an old man that wanted to be known.

He had the talent of entertaining everyone
with his stories that he could not forget.
He had the children, teens, adults, and the elderly
all hooked up to his stories about battleships in the 1970’s.

This old man is 73
With wrinkles all over his face
If you are lucky and you meet him
Don’t forget that you shall greet this talented man

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