May 28, 2012
By TakeiaC BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
TakeiaC BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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if you cant change the people around you , change the people around you.

silent tears there the worse especially when there your last resort,

so long ago you built a wall that blocked all emotion in, and though you know of some sin you've did, you keep it all caged in it was all a result of insecurity and the lack of older age people you avoid conversations you wish you could destroy,

though no one knows your side because you ran hoping you could hide, for sometime you look at yourself with disgust and discomfort and even now that you've grown older the truth still so graciously floats above mocking you , suffocating you, sometimes letting you breath for air,

but at the end of the day that one situation overpowers you because that wall was never torn down you still find your self all bent up out of shape familiar with silent tears afraid of listening ears.

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