12.25 and

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s quarter a after twelve and
I’m starting to wonder when
You’ll untie me from this chair

Red rimmed as my eyes are today
They’ll be purple underneath
Tomorrow thanks to you.

All throughout the day I knew
This was coming and began
Daydreaming ways to avoid it

But there is no sweet remittance
From this ever occurring cycle
Everyday the abuse gets worse

True enough, when I was
“just a kid” you left me alone
but now that I’ve grown up, well…

Let’s just say that you think
Growing up means staggering under
The hours of wondering why?

I’d tell someone, I really would
But my friends think I’m exaggerating
Or give me a dime a dozen advice

I suppose you make me stronger
Through the tears, my resolution grows
My will to succeed flourishes and triumphs

Though my back is crooked from carrying
The burden of you with me all day,
I know that my shoulders have grown strong

It’s quarter after twelve and I’m
Sitting in class thinking about how
Homework really kicked my butt last night

The author's comments:
99.9% of students suffer from some kind of

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