The loss of a Grandfather

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

The silence was so soothing,
Sleep had complete control of my body.
The hair rose on my neck.
My mother walked into the room-
"Darling, your grandfather died."

She was lying,
I knew she was.
"Mom, go back to sleep. You're wrong."
A cry escaped her mouth.
I knew something was wrong,
My mother was a strong woman,
She never cried.

'3:30' the clock read.
Still dark, it had to be morning.
The drive to the hospital seemed to take forever,
As if I was aging by just sitting there.
It was bitterly cold,
My body was numb.

"Through those doors,
Make a left,
Second door on the right."

I turned into the room,
I was expecting happiness as usual.
But there he lay,
My broken grandfather with no life left.
Tears burst out of my eyes,
Down my cheeks
Slowing making their way to drip off of my chin.

I knew he was in a better place,
I was just too young to understand.

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