May 25, 2012
By Darren Matthews BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
Darren Matthews BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
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It was a rainy in New York City. Detective Charlie Stevens sat in office going over a file for a missing woman. She was abducted two weeks ago there was barely any evidence which made the case even harder. “It’s been a long day why don’t you go home and get some sleep?” the chief said Stevens got up put on his overcoat and his hat without saying anything. He was not the social type.

Stevens got to his apartment. It wasn’t a mansion but it was home. Before he went to sleep he grabbed a cigarette from the kitchen and went outside. He leaned on the apartment wall and stared at the quiet city as the smoke from his cigarette vanished in the midnight air, hearing the rain lightly hit the ground. Then the scream of a woman grabbed his attention making him drop his cigarette. He followed the sound of her screaming it lead him to an alleyway.

It was hard to see but there was a flickering light in the distance which made it a little easier to see the woman as well as a man beating her with a crowbar. He was wearing dark jeans , worn out shoes, and a dark jacket which had an emblem on it. He must have been from been from a gang because it wasn’t the first time he had run into someone with that exact same jacket. Stevens quickly crouched behind a nearby trashcan. He hoped the man didn’t see him. As he tried to run behind the man he stepped on a beer bottle. It made a loud crunch as it shattered. The man turned around his face covered with scars, bruises, and burns. He was hideous, the man ran at him with the crowbar. Stevens moved out of the way, grabbed the crowbar and kicked the thug hard in the stomach sending him flying back into the wall.

The man quickly got up and looked enraged but Stevens slammed him into the wall before he got the chance to move. Then he said, “Who do you work for?” the man didn’t answer and spit right in his face. Charlie’s face turned the color of a bright red car as he threw the man into the street, the rain hitting his jacket and bouncing off the brim of his hat. Charlie beat him until he was barely standing. Then he yelled “ WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?” the man finally answered, coughing up blood and gasping for air. He said “ Tony Zucco,” then his eyes closed and he went unconscious a puddle of blood quickly emerged from the mans body. Stevens left the man in the street to die like a filthy rat . He went over to the woman she was badly beaten she had a broken arm, cracked ribs, and her foot was dark purple, her left was also swollen shut. Her clothes were stained with blood.

After he took the woman to the hospital Stevens went back to where he left the man. There was nothing, except for a small puddle of blood which was slowly disappearing. He walked back to his apartment and went to sleep with the name Tony Zucco clouding his mind.

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it touched me

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