R.I.P. You And Me

May 21, 2012
By NikkiO24 BRONZE, Tekoa, Washington
NikkiO24 BRONZE, Tekoa, Washington
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You and me,
Where like the sea,
It clashes together,
And splits apart,
R.I.P. You and Me,
You and Me,
Well it's done,
It's over
Well you said friends
But you meant was we end,
I send text,
But you don't text back,
i ask if your mad,
But you don't say anything back,
That makes me sad,
R.I.P. You and Me,
R.I.P. what we had,
You and me,
Will not me close,
I know that you don't see what i see in me,
R.I.P. You and me.

The End

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