Mission Inexcusable

May 21, 2012
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Mission Inexcusable
You’re sitting in class when it happens.
The sensation everyone dreads.
The feeling that stirs inside of you.
Feet start to tremble and bodies shiver.
Gritting your teeth you shake in your seat.
You know that you need to ask,
but there’s no time to waste.
You rush out of the room,
dodging the teacher trying to stop you.
You don’t care though.
There’s a goal in your mind, and you will reach it.
As you turn the corner, faster than lightning, there it is.
The gateway to your peace and tranquility.
You push the door out of your way as you barge in.
Looking around, you see the open throne.
Shining in its white, porcelain glory
Mission Accomplished

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