A Good Kind of Poison

May 23, 2012
You first poisoned me with your sugary words,
Then poisoned me with too many when you went out of your way for me.
You poisoned me when you made me your number one,
And again, too much, when you saved me from falling to dark.
This burns, and every day,
The poison sinks deeper,
Your fang’s venom
Until every fiber in body realizes that,
I deserve a chance to walk this earth.
The burning stops,
My mind starts crying, thinking
That without knowing if I’ll get a second chance,
I should make the most of what is here and dance.
So don’t change your mind and leave without me,
Otherwise I’ll be real lonely.
If you had planned on poisoning me from the start,
Maybe you should have thought of poisoning yourself too.
If I had known,
I would have poisoned you myself,
Long before you fell into that abyss.

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