Ex Boyfriend

May 23, 2012
By Jumpy BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Jumpy BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Love opened my eyes and showed me that me and you are meant to be
I was too blind to see
We should’ve never departed
But I felt all alone and didn’t know what to do
There were people in one ear
And people in another ear
All saying the same thing:
Let him go
He’s No good for you

But I felt differently
That’s why I was holding on to you
One day I saw the opportunity
To get what I wanted out of you
Something you weren’t capable of giving me
So I left you and got with him
I hate to admit that it was a mistake
I should’ve never left you
I should’ve stuck it through
I love you, I really do
You still got my heart
But I don’t have you
Give me another chance to make thing right
I did wrong because I felt alone
Yea, I know that it’s not a good excuse
So I ended us before you could end me and you
Me and You are to blame
I couldn’t take the chance of getting hurt again

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