May 23, 2012
By readerwriter13 GOLD, Metamora, Michigan
readerwriter13 GOLD, Metamora, Michigan
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Life is to short to even care at all
Life is about those now or never moments

The wind howls
a boom soon follows
a blinding burst of light
perceiving the dark sky of night,
Shivering under the covers
these humans know something over their heads
getting closer to the bed,
Some one asks it to please leave
they are answered by a sharp heave,
They are sent flying into a wall
the big man suddenly feels small,
Out from the covers the little boy crawls,
He may be the youngest but he still stands tall,
He faces the thing that has caused his family pain,
The windows burst, waving back the beasts mane,
The things eyes are a blinding red,
The boy just laughs and shakes his head
the boy booms, You don't scare me!
The beast replies, You don't scare easily?
No not that! The boy screams
We are much more similar than we may seem,
A cold shake runs down the boys spine
his eyes darken from behind
the boy grows tall and wide,
His sister and brother sit and hid,
the child grows long teeth
and changes from his head to his feet,
The boys gurgled monstrous voice is all that can be heard,
He says, I am just more disturbed

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