May 23, 2012
My lack of sleep because of thoughts of you

Is now a feeling that isn't new

But now, I'm finding, I can't fall asleep

I can't hold the bliss, its comfort I can't keep

I'm not an insomniac, at least I wasn't before

But because I chose you, I have opened that door

When I run out of thoughts to keep me awake

I find my health is at stake

Your constant image alerts my mind

And the shadows of sleep, I cannot find.

I haven't slept in days

Closing my eyes never pays

Your love, its me it haunts

Yhe echos of sleep, its me they taunt

So once again

I lay my head

Begging for sleep, feeling witheld

The trouble is deeper, to me it beheld

So I settle for another sleepless night

Praying your face won't fill me with fright

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Heartbrokengurl said...
May 30, 2012 at 12:53 pm
Exactly what I'm feeling right now!!!
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