Nothing Lasts Forever

May 23, 2012
By Madisonl. BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Madisonl. BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Getting that phone call during school saying you’re getting out of school early

because we have to go see family. A six hour ride isn’t much when you sleep, or think

What’s going to happen? Why is this happening again? Does it hurt? Once the Hospital

Appeared we jumped out to go and see her.

“She was next” they told me multiple times. I don’t remember hearing it though

But maybe it was because I didn’t want to believe it, or maybe even I just didn’t believe

them. Being friends with a straightforward loving girl who was battling cancer gave me

many speechless moments. I held her hand as she didn’t know what to say but I

whispered, “It will be over soon, I promise.” But how did we know? Was it only to make

her happy and feel better or was it actually true? But that was the thing, know one new!

Every time I said that, my words were erased by the doctors. Every visit was only more

depressing news. But it was more time with her. I guess I just didn’t want to accept that

this was happening to the family again. I didn’t think things like this happened to people

so close. But I guess it can. As I watched they all hugged each other saying “Be strong,

she will make it.” Will she really or is it just to get your hopes up? Walking back in the

room my emotions got the best of me. All I could think is, does it hurt? Does she know

me? Will she make it? Is she still the same person I knew? But it wasn’t…The girl I

knew went to the park with her grandchildren, came rolling in the driveway listening to

Kenny Chesney, and went fishing. Always told us she was going to sell us to the Indians

when we were up to no good. I was holding the hand of cancer. How do you say goodbye
to someone who knows their time is running out? I didn’t want this to be my last memory

with her, so I was telling stories, as I held her hand tighter I finally saw that smile I was

waiting for. There wasn’t mush else to do or say but sit next to her side. But that was the

day we all learned wrong from right, lived our days as it was all our last, and mostly,

didn’t let anyone get in out way. They always told me to keep my family and friends

close and my enemies closer, but it wasn’t until I held deaths hand that day, that we all

changed our ways.

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