Unspoken Words

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Falling for you was not intentional.
This love is all but usual.
My feelings for you are far from fictional,
But it all began so gradual.

Started out in different places.
Different lives and different faces.
On the side of love and hope,
Keeping to the dreams that we know.

Searching for a life fulfilled,
Holding on to dreams until
We’re broken free from binding ties.
Free of thought and free of mind.

Setting goals working together.
Reaching out for one forever.
Our feelings stay right intact.
Forward steps on grounded tracks.

Looking for a way to go
Taking time to pause and slow.
The way we take to get it right.
Focus on the course in sight.

Keeping up sincere momentum,
Only living for future intentions.
Seeking for new ways to live with
Words of remembrance.

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