The Cat

May 22, 2012
Right now, I smile
At your antics, furry face.
Do not forget: I am your master.
You shall do as you are told.

But life is anything but predictable
When one attempts to rely on
The trust of a brained being.
Pity the consequence of mislaid trust!

You are beautiful, that I will never deny.
Large green eyes and a fluffy tail
Claws of silver and fur of silk.
With a personality too complex for a line.

But you, my cat, are my inferior.
Do you deny this? Fine. Make me say this.
No dinner for you tonight, brat.
I know you are smart - figure out how to eat from the bag.

Brat, get off the table before you eat all the butter.
You are really no more than a beautiful monster
Yet I find myself inexplicably drawn to you
The cat who wakes me in the dark of each night.

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