Toes Pointed, Arms at my Side

May 22, 2012
Toes pointed
Arms at my side
I hope my shoes don’t come untied
The curls bounce around on my wig
I glide around performing a jig
Stamp step one two hop back
My shoes click and clack
Peggy’s reminders play through my mind
“Pick up your feet and kick your behind!”
My dress twirls
My body whirls
My socks don’t fall
I stand up tall
One two spring one two spring
The fun dancing brings
Reel athletes dance
Whenever the chance
And once my jig comes to an end
It’s almost like losing a friend
But I point bow and skip off the stage
But I can’t help feeling strange
My toes aren’t pointed
Arms not at my side
And my shoes are allowed to come untied.

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