The Scientific Method to Love

May 22, 2012
By Joe Shelleh BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Joe Shelleh BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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The Scientest observes,
He looks with frusturation,
For a mysterious virus
Is now sweeping the nation.
He sits at his desk
And begins to decode
The mysterious “virus”
Which many have rode.
He looks into its name..
And it feels like a shove
For the I.D. that could mame…
Is known simply as “love”.

“To know, and to learn!”
Our Scientest boasts
“I must look far back,
to the time before ghosts”
To find the start
Of our perculiar feeling
“Is something”, he says
“I shall do with some peeling”

Love in its horror
And all of its glory
Seems to contain time’s greatest story
Of a man and a woman
Or woman and man
Who before they met, didn’t seem to have a plan.
Our Scientest marks
The love between them
“Is as fierce as some sharks!”
The origin here, is too hard to find
So he discards this “love”
To the back of his mind.

He looks through the books,
And far through the world,
For our next kind of Love,
Is as hard as a pearl.

For what of the Love
Between mother and child?
Who before the bright baby,
That mother was wild.
She took all those pills
And drank all those drinks..
She did all of these things
Without a single “think”.
But suddenly, and quite crazy,
She would soon be the mother
Of a crying, shouting, baby.
The mother felt lost
And a dark shade of blue.
She was alone in the world

And hadn’t a clue!

But behind her blue eyes,
Formed a beautiful image,
The one thing that would save her,
From a terrible scrimmage.
The girl, at that moment…
Transformed like no other…
You see the girl that day,
She turned into a Mother.

Even before he was born
Or before he was named
His mother did love him
And that never changed.

And within every Mother

Is an endless supply
“A river of love..
that never will dry?”

The scientist screams, he cant seem to clasp!
“What is this “love”,
that my mind does not grasp?”

For you see, well that brings us
To the next graph of the pie
Of the Love that will surely
Never, ever die.

The Love of a Friend
Is something not rare
For the love of a friend
Can be found anywhere.

The Scientiest still wonders,
And yes, he still droans
For this type of love
Is something well known.
For unlike the mom,
Or the Star Crossed Lover,
Its as loud as a bomb,
The bond between pals
Is a bond that holds strong,
Whether it be fellas, or gals.
It’s a bond that is long,
A bond that will last,
For the love between friends
Never becomes the past.

For the memorys of laughs
And thoughts of our tears,
Guide us like rafts
Throughout all of our years.

And the Scientist, so bitter
So old, and so wise..
Feels the slight jitter
Of a happy surprise.
For the answer he seeks,
Is an answer that slaps him,
Very fierce, and not weak.

He takes note of his feelings,
He takes note of the air.
And he takes note of the ceiling..
“Its only now, that I care!

For now he does see,
And he truly does know
That love is no lie,
Its as true as can be.

For like the sperm and its egg,
Or the sun hitting seed
Love of any nature
Never seems to recede.

“Love is the rain,
It’s our one saving grace
It’s the blood in our veins,
Its whats at the end of the race”

For the truth about love,
Is it shall never fall.
It’s what we are made of,
And love conquers all.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the true fact that people do not say "I Love You" as much as they used to.

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