I Gave You Everything

May 22, 2012
By sweetbasil2013 BRONZE, Dalton, Nebraska
sweetbasil2013 BRONZE, Dalton, Nebraska
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I gave you everything
I believed you when you said
you wanted forever
you wanted something real

So I gave you everything
everything I had
things I can never get back
because I believed you when you said
you wanted forever

What happened to forever
did you forget?
I gave you everything i had
everything you wanted
you gave me nothing
except for lies

lies that tore me apart
lies that I can't even explain
you said you wanted something real

but no you didn't instead you lied
to get what you really wanted
what I can never get back

and do you see now that every time you call me
a b**** or
refuse to see me in class
it makes me relive that pain

the tearing apart of my heart
i don't know what I did to make you hate me
but I gave you everything
i can't get back what you took
with your lies

I gave you everything

The author's comments:
I trusted what this guy told me when I shouldn't have I believed in him when no one else did and in the end I got burned... I won't make that mistake agian

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