childhood is...

May 22, 2012
By lorenHolfeld BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
lorenHolfeld BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Childhood is

Wearing the same clothes everyday because you loved
that shirt with Angelica on it
Thinking your uncle Tim was the coolest
person on earth because he had long hair and lived in Wyoming

Childhood is

Playing baseball in your backyard
with your siblings
Having a little snot brother quit every time
because he was a sore loser

Childhood is

Memorizing songs to sing to your parents like
Pinball Wizard or Homeward Bound
Coming home after a long day of playing with your
neighbors once dad rang the big train bell

Childhood is
Watching a new episode of Pee Wee’s Play House every
single day while playing with Beanie Babies

Childhood is

Getting lost for hours in
Yellow Stone National Park and found by a
park ranger who returned you to your parents

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