How Tall Are You?

May 22, 2012
By , arington hts, IL
I am 4 feet and 8 inches tall; both of my parents are really short
So naturally I am also going to be very short

I’m actually 7 feet tall and started on the varsity basketball team.
I got MVP and took our team to state
I’m still growing
It has been predicted that I am going to reach 8 feet by the time I stop growing

Yes, I know I’m short. I am a legal midget because I am under 4’11
My sister is also very short but she is 3 inches taller then me
I haven’t grown an inch since fifth grade

I am actually the tallest person in the world
If you want to see how tall I am you can check in the Guinness World Records
You can find my name and picture under, “ The Tallest Woman Alive”
I’ve held the title 5 years straight

The real question is, how short am I?
The answer would be: very short
56 inches to be exact

I’m actually so short I am on the verge of nonexistence
If I get any shorter I will completely disappear from earth
Every year I lose an inch, so say your goodbyes now… I don’t have much time left

I’ve always been short for my age
After 18 years
I’ve clearly realized I am a lot shorter then most
So why ask
A question that has been asked so many times before
I’m short
Just deal

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