Stupid,i love you

May 22, 2012
By Bhoomi BRONZE, Jhansi, Other
Bhoomi BRONZE, Jhansi, Other
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O there, u see my soul's waiting,
For a touch of your presence.
Telling myself there's nothing for hiding,
I want to feel your essence.

I remember our best moments together,
They all patiently wait in a queue.
My heart becomes as light as feather,
My emotins have a lust for you.

You say that you are too fond of me,
And that you know me exactly.
Then why can't you see my heart's eye
Shouting, I crave for you bitterly.

In the morning i stroll around,
Just want to tell those drops of dew,
That you the one whom I think about,
Why can't you just make it out,
Oh stupid, I LOVE YOU... <3

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