What Happened?

May 22, 2012
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When I first moved into my house,
In a brand new neighborhood.
I stood in the street,
Taking in everything around me.
Lush trees were everywhere,
Enveloped by green I was happy.
There was a pond and a stream,
So close to my home,
That was saturated with life and water.
I had my own forest,
To explore and enjoy.

As I grew so did the neighborhood,
Now a clogged suburb.
I stand in the same street,
And all I can see is cookie cutter conformity,
Surrounded by cement and brick.
The pond and stream I loved,
Now barren and choked with litter.
My forest is now a cluster of trees,
Huddled together for protection.
I ask my self as I stare in contempt,
What happened?

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