Gym Class

May 22, 2012
By Morgan_or_Mo PLATINUM, Greensboro, North Carolina
Morgan_or_Mo PLATINUM, Greensboro, North Carolina
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The whistle blows.
bodies rush out,
Like horses released
from the gate.
Mauling each other
with feet. The
ball slips out.
A small boy
gets it and
rushes to the goal.
A larger boy, goes
for it as well.
The smaller slides
across the floor.
The larger scores.

Smaller sits,
in the stands.
Hyper bodies move
out of his reach.
The swelling of his
ankle is hidden by
an ice pack.
Larger scores another goal.
He is swimming in
praise. Their eyes
meet. Larger pauses
with guilt in his
eyes. The game
resumes and Smaller is
left in pain and alone.

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