His Life Like a Fire

May 22, 2012
By Clare Keeney BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
Clare Keeney BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
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Last winter when my grandpa was here
Everything was better
Nothing seemed missing
He understood me in more ways than anyone

Whenever you needed some warmth
He was always sitting there
Going without notice
But always watching with darting eyes

This winter is different
He is not here
He wants to tell all of his stories for us again
But will never be capable to

He always wanted to keep pushing, thriving, and going
But knew that soon he will fade away
Soon he will be burnt out
I know that he will always be with me though
Always being my guardian angel surrounding my house
Like the smoke of a fire when it leaves the chimney

I know he did not take one moment for granted
He is still with us
Every time he leaves we bring him back
Like when the fire burns out you start a new one
For more comfort and warmth

The ambers popping
Almost sound like his coughs
And when you add more logs
Like adding love
The fire grows

His life like a flame
Burning brightly
But ultimately going up in smoke
I know he is very far away
But he will never leave my heart

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