Dinner in Luanco

May 22, 2012
By mrkuzoo BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
mrkuzoo BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Down to the bar with my dad for dinner
Passing my friends on the way to eat
I'll meet up with them later
And we keep heading down the street

La Marina's sign lights up the narrow road
The voices collide in the cramped space
Inside's too full but outside's what we wanted
We get a table and the waiter sets our plates

Aunts and cousins come to meet us
The smell of fresh seafood lures everyone to it
We choose our plates
Croquetas, calamari, tortilla and now we patiently sit

Conversations fill the time we wait
Bickering but that's how we are in mi familia
Steaming tapas are set down on our table
We start moving the food to our plates

A croqueta's ham filling bursts out of its fried shell
We squeeze the lemon onto the calamari
The tortilla is divvied up into smaller pieces
The fish's skeleton starts to be revealed

The sun has set but the town won't sleep
There's still fresh food in this old fishing village
Why does my appetite have to cease
At La Marina we sit full after a long night's pillage

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