May 22, 2012
The air smells of fall,
As two people walk through the park on a chilly afternoon.
They laugh and talk about nothing at all,
Yet, their conversation is the most important thing in the world to them.
Leaves crunch under their feet.
Wind whips past their smiling faces.
They are unsure of each other,
But seem to feel comfortable and happy in the presence of the other.
Suddenly, silence falls between the two.
She looks at him as if to say something important,
Her expression seems to be mixed with happiness and worry.
As she does indeed open her mouth to speak something,
The words dance on the tip of her tongue.
He can almost hear the words
Yearning to escape her lips…
When the silence finally breaks.
He opens his eyes and sits up.
He is confused by his surrounding,
And the loud beeping noise seemingly near.
Though disappointed,
He soon realizes.
It was all a dream.

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