Remember, Sister

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

The room was painted Carolina blue with a
Precious Moments wallpaper border. The restless
5-year-old tumbled out of her big girl bed and into
her sister’s room next door, which had a certain
bubble-gum pink hue, just bright enough to
induce squinting with the flick of the light switch.
The red-headed girls began working on a puzzle
Suddenly, an idea struck the sisters like the mallet
attacks the “Whack-a-Mole” at Chuck-E-Cheese. While
the unsuspecting parents were enjoying an afternoon
snack, the mischievous pair whisperingly wheeled
their Fisher-Price shopping cart repeatedly between
their rooms, exchanging frilly Easter dresses,
hand sewn pillowcases, and beach-blonde Barbie dolls
while giggling about their silent trick.
The soon-to-be-infamous room switch was the
first adventure that the sisters embarked upon
Before the constant fighting, the jealousy, the
competitive need to keep score;
Before they forgot how special they were to one
another, they actually enjoyed spending time
And what a pair they were.

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