May 6, 2012
By Anonymous

I can hear my conscience running
Cerebral footsteps, so craftily cunning
A halcyon breeze comes through the trees
I cannot feel, a morbid disease
I felt darkness creeping once upon a hill
And they said “You’ll be fine, just take this pill”
So I imbibe the salvation of my wandering mind
Instead another sickness reaches, unkind
Numbness flows through my every vein
Would you like to feel anything, even if its pain?
Am I safe now that I am blunt, dead, and dull?
It would be better, I think, to feel somewhat full
But now I lie empty awake in my bed
And I feel myself fall out of the hole in my head
I look to the Raven’s embrace, my only keeper
My thoughts turn deep, I reach to the reaper
Who carries me away on angel’s wings
And take away my mortal stings
It is better to feel something than nothing at all
Better a shadow than a stain on the wall
If numb is the better way to escape,
I will trade in all my pills for fate

The author's comments:
Struggles with mental illness

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on May. 29 2012 at 6:43 pm
mike.narducci, Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania
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