Darkness is Great

May 20, 2012
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Darkness is great
however it is equally horrific
Darkness impairs vision, which is needed to see many beauties of the world
although without vision, other senses are heightened, including hearing
Darkness can hide evil and scary apparitions, which is good in a sense
but if you shall meet these evils, the darkness was only a sheet for them to hide beneath
Some may say darkness is the original, for when there wasn't a light, it was dark
when nothing existed there was darkness, so they say
But darkness is something; the opposite of light
so if there was no light, then there was no dark as well
With the impairment of vision, darkness helps you think
without disruption, which in many cases is a life saving factor
All secrets are in darkness, and with it all the unknown wonders of the universe
bringing the universe in it is all new a story, for darkness is neutral here
Neutral meaning it does not seek to destroy, yet it can at any moment
as an atom bomb
For dark matter, synonymous to anti-matter, is a force to be filled
when the mighty Creator set that infinitely heated and dense point off in explosive expansion
He was creating "things", and "nothings"
and if that dark Nothing ever came in contact with Thing, it would be the end of me
Man is smart for deciding that darkness is bad, and light is "good"
though man should have left man out of it
For shades of skin have nothing to do with it
my bad, had nothing to do with it
Some men have dark skin, and some men have light
the intellect in man is amazing and we have done so much better than any organism before us
Dinosaurs lived for millions of years and barely changed a thing
man changed the entire way the world operates in a matter of decades
Historically, both dark and light men have done these magnificent things
and the ones in-between like me have also trophied their accomplishments
Dark is shade, and black is used to describe the shade
black can't be a man
The man's native culture and people is who he is, and the world has lost itself
in many ways, but especially this, for we discuss everyday
Anyway, people get creative when they are alone for long enough
man's will is to create
And this is my creation, that I wrote
in darkness

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