Police Officers Belly Dance to Capture Thieves

May 23, 2012
By Erin Saflarski BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
Erin Saflarski BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
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Anything and everything gold and glittering
That’s what they stole
From the most radiant red rubies to the most astonishing green emeralds
They stole gold
They stole silver
They stole bronze
Metals clinging and clanging out of their musty mesh sacks
The Feisty Forty Thieves of Arabia scrambling for their lives

Coming toward them
Two sizably attractive belly dancers
Looking for a good time
Both cloaked in a plethora of colors
Covered in dazzling turquoise
Covered in royal purples
Covered in brilliant greens
Beads and chains adorning their bodies
Like lights and ornaments on trees in the month of December

Each and every Forty Thief stopped dead in their tracks
Mouths drop to the ground
Their complete attention on these magnificent ladies
“Put your hands where I can see them”
Shouts one of the ladies
A voice too deep and too rough to fit the appearance
Masks ripped off to reveal their true identities
“Officer Krupke and Officer Doughnuts here to spoil your fun boys,
Hand over the precious items and no one gets hurt”

King Juan Carlos I of Spain
Now the happiest man in the world
His jewels
His riches
His wealth
All returned to their rightful place
Justice served with the bandits secured
Tricked, bamboozled, and deceived
Forty foolish men blinded by the beauty of two overweight police officers

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