Nobody knows.

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

I breathe a little further in,
imagine my reflection thin.
Pull the measuring tape tighter,
wishing scales would show me lighter.

This is what Ana's done to me...
Taken my spirit, my personality.
Trapped by my self hate,
despair offers no escape.

Disgust fills my mind with every bite..
So I guess I won't be eating tonight.
Adding calories doesn't thrill me,
so I wish Ana would just kill me.

I feel alone, isolated by my insanity.
Losing friends, confidence, and dignity.
Is it all worth being skinny?
Sleepless nights, constant dizzy?

Dark days where she plays tricks on me.
Fooling be to be happy.
This won't last forever.
There is an end.
Once I reach my goal weight,
I can loose this crazy friend.

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hypermagical said...
on Sep. 2 2012 at 6:05 pm
hypermagical, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
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This is very good, puts the thought pattern of an obsession into perspective. Keep writing, it'll help you heal.

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