Never Know

May 23, 2012
By jaxxibabbee BRONZE, Perth, Other
jaxxibabbee BRONZE, Perth, Other
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Favorite Quote:
fall down seven times, stand up eight.

she stands and steadies herself before the wide doors,
and wonders what terrible things her peers have in store.
she hears the girls whisper but not what they say,
what fowl things are they going to shout out today?

he walks into school and glances around,
he keeps to the shadows afraid to be found.
he can see the boys preparing to fight,
and wonders what wounds he'll be hiding tonight.

but i heard that the same things were done to you,
is that why you hurt people the way that you do.
does it make you feel better to see others in tears,
does it make you feel stronger to see them living in fear?

i know you're desperate and want to fit in,
but people will believe the hurtful rumors you spin.
are you aware of how the words that you say,
will play on their minds day after day.

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