I Dont Understand

May 23, 2012
By pupbrad BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
pupbrad BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I do not understand
Why so many people love Call of Duty so much
Why people think video games are a waste of time
And why people think gossip and reality TV is a GOOD use of time
I don’t understand
Why people have so much pent up hatred inside of them
Why people hold grudges
And why the most important thing in the world is money
But what I don’t understand most of all
Is why people fight
Why people have to die
All in the name of some god
That promotes peace between the two warring parties
What I understand most, though,
Are those who have given up on humanity
Those who tried to help the world change
But saw everyone else being content with all of the suffering
Those who only wish for others to be compassionate
But instead have their ideas be shot down
By those same people who wish the same thing
And who worship a god promoting the same thing you are

The author's comments:
This poem is part of my finals project for Creative Writing. This poem is about some of the issues I have with the world.

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