Ode To Beans

May 23, 2012
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I open the front door to my house
Three of the four dogs hear the distinct squeak of the door opening
Then barreling through the gap between me and both sides of the door
Brandy runs into me
Brittany runs into me
Heidi runs into me
This surprised me when my fourth dog, Beans,
Didn't try and greet me, like the previous three
I thought to myself, where could he be?

I called for him a couple of times
My Mind wonders, “Why would he not want to be
Inside, laying in my chair?”
What goes through his mind as he hears me calling his name

Beans claims all the vehicles are his territory
From the way it looks, there is a mark one at least one tire
On every vehicle, has a little of Bean's Shiny goodness on it
Before the vehicle leaves, it's technically his territory

C'mon Beans, let's go inside!!

He struts around from behind the vehicle
Up to the door and goes inside the house
I walk into the living room, to find Beans sitting in my chair
I think to myself, “Oh how I love Beans,”
As he stares across the room at me
I still Wonder, what is going through his mind
With his cute dog face looking into mine

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